Le Canotier de l’Isle

Name: Le Canotier de l’Isle

Type :Artisanal made
Firm cheese washed rind
Non-pasteurized cow’s milk

To celebrate its 35th anniversary of foundation, the cheese factory Île-aux-Grues invites you to discover its new cheese: Le Canotier de l’Isle, a firm cheese surface ripened, with its thin crust with ocher tints. The ivory paste, balanced and persistent on mouth, revealing very typical nutty taste with fruity and cream.

Le Canotier de l’Isle: The taste of the island ...

The cheese making of the Le Canotier de l’Isle  is based on an ancient recipe developed by the first cheesemaker of the island in the 1900s. Refining requires 9 to 12 months to ensure the development of subtle flavors, characterized by the exceptional local soil of the island and the salt air. "This is a unique cheese in Quebec, a traditional cheese as we found at the time: craft, with a crust made ​​from non-pasteurized cow's milk from the island. '

A unique name: Le Canotier de l’Isle

The label features a painting by Robert Gagné from Isle-aux-Grues. It represents the transport of materials and mail in an ice canoe, the only way to cross the river during the winter at the time of the first cheese factory. Surrounded by water, having no road link, the cheese Le Canotier de l’Isle is a glance to the rich maritime heritage of the island.

Size : Wheel of 10 kg
          slice at the sale’s counter
Aging Period : 9 to 12 months
Fat : 30 %
Moisturing : 38 %

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