Le Mi-Carême

Name :
Le Mi-Carême

Type :
Artisanal made
Soft cheese, mixed rind
Non-pasteurized cow’s milk

The Mi-Carême is a delicious soft cheese from the Brie family. It has a slightly orange mixed rind coming from the fact that it starts out as a bloomy rind cheese, and after a couple of days the washed rind process begins. The Mi-Carême’s unique taste reminds cheeses made with non-pasteurized milk.

Mid-Lent (Mi-Carême) is a traditional celebration which is eagerly looking forward on the island. Every winter, the inhabitants of the island make magnificent costumes, which will be revealed in March during the week of celebration. This very old French tradition is wonderfully kept by our people. Indeed, Isle-aux-Grues is one of the few places that still celebrate it.

Size: Wheel of 1,1 kg
         ½ wheel of 0,5 kg
         slice at the sale’s counter
Aging period : 60 days
Fat : 29 %
Moisture : 48 %

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